How You Can Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Web Site

The lifeline of a website (or marketing effort) is the traffic to your products. When you write blog posts, articles published in e-magazines and e-reports, you can also post them on your website, as well as other places on the web, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This way you can put breadcrumbs on the internet, that is the way to the site / product.

By finding online publications targeting your intended customers, and by posting guest posts, articles, or free reports to them, you can tap into potential customers who are already moving in your direction.

This way, you can find the market flow of potential customers and enter the existing flow of potential customers, instead of using the shotgun method to find those who are already interested in the products you offer.

When using article writing for targeted traffic, you want to try to write a minimum of 2 articles per week with a minimum length of 300-600 words, but if you can squeeze 4 or 5 articles in a row each week, then you will have to get the final result. Achieved In just one year, 208 to 260 pieces of the latest information have been obtained.

Additionally, if you post these articles to three websites within a year, such as an e-magazine website, a Facebook page, or LinkedIn, your footprint will be spread across more than 700 locations across the web.

By continuing to write consistently every week and maintain the output of the article, you can generate up to 100 target audience readers for your website every day. If you provide information that is truly valuable to your potential customers, there could be more.

Other targeted traffic sources to include in your marketing library:

Pinterest (where you can create “pushpins” that link to your website or membership products),

Search engine optimization (you can include it in writing articles, web pages, blog posts, etc. so that people can find it when they are looking for your content),

Facebook (place “like” and “share” buttons on your website, link posts on your Facebook page to your website, Facebook ads, etc.)

Twitter (a microblogging platform that can contain 140 characters, you can put a Twitter button on your site to get traffic from Twitter)

Own blog (Having a blog is one of the best ways to get consistent network traffic. You can also post articles to your blog as posts, or on Facebook pages and e-magazine websites)

Forum marketing (e.g. forums related to your niche market like Google search for ‘your niche’ forum- ‘weight loss forum’ or ‘golf forum’ and answer questions), there are other considerations like making sure you can create their profile on your link, but we’ll cover more later.