How Google’s Mobile First Indexing Is Affecting Your Website

If you want to make sure that you maintain SEO results and maintain search engine rankings, you should pay attention to the latest updates from the largest search engine, Google. Below are some of the reasons why Mobile-First Indexing may affect your page.

Problems with mobile usability on your website

If your website has problems with mobile usability and it is difficult to navigate on a tablet or mobile phone, this will hurt your position in the search engines. You must make sure that the distance between the link and the button is not too small and that you can read the text on any screen. Chances are – if you’re using an older template – this will be a problem. You may want to get a responsive theme, but that’s not enough.

Movement speed test

Once you are confident that your website will perform well on mobile screens and provide visitors with the best user experience, testing speed is important. Most websites (such as Google Page Speed ​​Checker and Pingdom Tool) will provide you with information about page speed on desktops and mobile devices. Any content within three seconds is fine, but anything within six seconds will only destroy your search engine rankings.

Google page score

It would help if you also considered page quality and performance scores. Log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account and search for issues. If not, you can still make improvements, especially if the site loads slowly. Consider the source of the traffic. If you have an international audience, you might be better off using the CDN service. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. For example, if your host is located in Austin, Texas, and all servers are there, and your traffic is from Europe, it will take some time for the servers to respond. The CDN service can solve this problem.

How to update your website

It is important to regularly update your website and regularly check the loading time, especially after installing a new plugin or widget. However, switching to a lighter theme is another option that works well. You don’t have to pay a web designer to create a new website, add a speed optimization plugin or change the settings manually. Reinstallation can fix the problem. You can also get a mobile-optimized website developed by LMNts Marketing for the first time.

The mobile performance of your website is crucial. Make sure to check the rankings and page speed to keep the traffic flowing.