Getting Targeted Traffic For Free

Getting free target traffic isn’t as difficult as you think. The important thing is to make sure your free traffic is qualified and from a good source. Some of these resources will cost some money, but many will be free.

One of the best free traffic is when you use search engines to help you.

Here are some great resources:

1. Traffic from Local Search Engine Pages – It’s relatively easy to submit local pages for your business. Adding reasonable content and links to your main website is a super easy way to get fast traffic that can drive you to conversions. Most importantly, running a local business will increase your appeal to local searches.

2. Build multiple HubPages – these platforms are built for free. Publishing quality content, following the rules, and providing services to your readers can help drive traffic from search engines to your main website. You should add ongoing content and don’t forget to research and follow the advice of the homepage creator to avoid getting banned.

3. Reverse Engineer Google Alert-Google Alert is a great tool to make sure that content finds you. By using long-tail keywords related to niche markets, you can keep up to date with press releases, competitors, videos, blogs, and almost all of the latest and greatest content people are posting online. By following the flow of content on your blog based on your keywords, you can post answers to what people are looking for and answer their questions (such as Yahoo’s answers). These answers may include links to your website or blog to attract traffic from search engines.

4. YouTube Videos Published Under “High Traffic Videos” YouTube is one of the best ways to get targeted free traffic. By finding one of the most traded videos in your market segment and creating a video response, you can publish the video and expect to continue to receive a small amount of traffic. Anyone can create a video comment and don’t forget to include a link to your website / compressed page in your description.

These are just some of the ways you can get free and targeted traffic. If you think about it, there is free traffic everywhere and you can find new sources of targeted traffic among them.