Essential Accessories For Commercial Dishwashers

Your commercial dishwasher will be only as good as the chemicals you use. It is not wise to compromise on this important point as the use of inferior or unsuitable fabrics can degrade the machine’s performance and even cause breakdowns and malfunctions. Always use the cleaning agent recommended by the supplier and ensure the correct dosage. Some detergents don’t work well in hard water areas, so if you live in hard water areas of the country, you should use detergents recommended for this situation. High quality detergents seem more expensive, but it can be uneconomical to choose inferior products with a lower strength. You may need to use more products and you may get unsatisfactory results. Buy in bulk as much as possible, this saves a lot of costs and earns discounts from your retailer. In addition to detergents, your professional dishwasher or glasswasher also needs high-quality rinse aid.

The descaler for professional dishwashers is absolutely essential to ensure that your equipment is always in top condition. Your machine uses tap water to clean the dishes, which are not clean. Most parts of England are suffering to some degree. The descaling agent removes limescale from the interior of dishwashers, glass washers and other equipment. If your equipment is prone to limescale build-up, you should seriously consider investing in a water softener as it will reduce limescale build-up and prevent damage to the limescale. The high content of soluble minerals (especially calcium and magnesium) in hard water can lead to a build-up of heating elements in appliances such as professional dishwashers and glasswashers, which can affect their performance and shorten their life. Hard water can also adversely affect detergent performance. The most common signs of poor washing results are residual tannin stains in tea and coffee cups or cups. Assuming the dishwasher is operating normally, the items to be washed are stacked correctly and the quality of the detergent and rinse aids used is correct, then this is probably the reason for the poor washing performance caused by the hard water. If so, installing a water softener on the machine will greatly improve your washing results.

There are two types of water softeners, manual or automatic. The manual water softener is suitable for all glasswashers and medium-sized commercial front-loading dishwashers, and it is easy to install a flexible water hose. The price is usually £ 100. The fully automatic metered electronic cold water softener is suitable for equipment with cold water inlet and costs approximately € 450. The automatic electronic hot water softener is suitable for equipment with a hot water supply and costs about £ 550.

Keep your commercial dishwasher or glasswasher in a safe place and it will last for many years to come!


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