Do You Make These Website Traffic Building Mistakes?

The increase in website traffic is an important goal for successful online business development. But do you really want more visitors?

Or do you just want the target group to attract visitors?

When you invest in building website traffic, you can make three common mistakes.

Mistake 1: The wrong prospect attracts visitors
Imagine having a store on Fifth Avenue during the holiday season, just a block from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Thousands of people passed your doors and windows. Do you want all these people to come to your store?

If you say “yes” to all these people, think again.

Why attracting the wrong people by building website traffic can harm your business
This is because many of them are not your target audience. Therefore, you spend resources on potential customers with little chance of converting them into customers.

On the other hand, if you only attract your target audience to the store, the potential return on investment will be higher. Not just the first sale, but all future sales after repeat purchases.

The same goes for your website. In addition, the cost of luring the wrong contacts to your website is much higher.

You will find that attracting the wrong website traffic can slow down your website. This affects how long people stay on your website, especially those in your target market.

Kissmetrics reports that if the site is not fully loaded, almost half of web users will leave the site within 3 seconds. 4 in 5 shoppers don’t return to the site to make another purchase. In addition, of the very slow shoppers, four out of ten shoppers will tell their friends.

Most importantly, the increase in traffic from wrong visitors leads to a decrease in speed, so many people in your target audience can leave your website and never come back to tell their social network.

Choosing the wrong person to join your email can cause other problems as well. These issues can include a higher opt-out rate, lower open email rate, higher cart abandonment rate, and higher costs for maintaining large databases.

Error 2: send website traffic to your homepage
A common mistake is to send traffic to the home page of your website instead of the landing page.
You can read more about this error here.

When this happens, the visitor is likely to be distracted by viewing the content on the page instead of signing up. Therefore, visitors will rate your business based on the content displayed and indicated on the website and cannot choose to join them and leave.

Mistake 3: unconvincing content on the sign up form and / or landing page
Persuasive text is the most important element on your website. A convincing copy can prompt your potential customers to take action, such as opt-in or buy. However, few websites have convincing copies.

If there isn’t a convincing copy on your landing page or sign up form, why would visitors sign up?

However, if you don’t let your visitors sign up, you can’t recoup the cost of taking them there. And you cannot convert it into sales.

How to fix these 3 website traffic construction errors
The good news is that there are easy ways to fix these website traffic construction errors.

The first method is to attract website traffic that focuses on your target audience. The more you know about your audience, the better the results. This includes demographics, psychology and purchasing behavior. Their key is to rule out those who are not achieving your goals.

With direct mailing lists, publicity, co-registration and affiliate marketing, you can focus on attracting your target audience. SEO and pay-per-click are okay too, but these strategies are much more risky to attract more people who are not right for your target audience.

The second method is to create a landing page to improve leadership, such as quizzes or free reports, and a sign up page. Your only goal here is to sign up as much as possible. This way you can build a relationship with the visitor after he / she has left your website.

The third way is convincing copying. This is what enables you to convert your visitors into and select prospects and customers. But the reproduction must focus on the emotional needs and desires of the target audience. The more you know about your target audience, the better the potential effect. A convincing copy can help increase your response speed so that you can make more money.