Do Animated Videos Help Boosting Website Traffic?

Remember how the internet started? It was just a network of text files, and almost all of us have witnessed the journey of the Internet. The situation has of course changed and the display of images, audio and video is now common.

This ever-changing face of the Internet has seriously affected marketing strategies, and there is a huge demand for new, information-rich, interactive and advanced marketing techniques. What’s better than animated video?

Animated video is a powerful tool that can have a major impact on the world of digital marketing. While it may seem new to beginners, it has been used by tech giants for many years. Microsoft uses animated videos to promote MS Office and Windows, as do companies like Apple, eBay and Fujitsu. Google later caught up with this trend and launched an animation campaign in 2012.

Given the low cost of production and making this content more attractive and visible to the public, the future of digital marketing will be full of animation videos and it can be said that animation videos will serve as a major marketing weapon.

Let’s take a look at how animated videos can help increase website traffic:

Psychological impact

Since videos are available, as many as 60% of visitors prefer to watch videos. Viewers are more likely to keep a video describing how the company is committed to its services and obligations. Likewise, it turns out that people are more interested in video. People tend to immediately associate with animated illustrations. This is why the chances of people watching a video investing in a service or product has increased by 89%. In any case, watching videos is more convenient than reading text.

huge potential

For animated videos, only your imagination is the limit. This form of media is viable in the long run. As a generally accepted rule, animated videos should be as short as possible. The purpose of this is to retain customers throughout the video process, and of course to keep production costs low.

All you have to do is let creativity and quality play to the fullest.

Complete the brand image

Of all the complex channels available, digital production is one of the most versatile options for anyone looking to create an animated advertising campaign that is potentially feasible. Such animations can be used seamlessly to match with the company’s existing themes or images.

All in all, online video is the ultimate source of more traffic and revenue, accounting for more than 90% of global internet traffic. They are a long-term investment and should therefore be widely used regardless of brand size.