Buying Your Perfect Dishwasher

energy efficiency

Taking today’s environmental factors into account, the energy consumption of today’s dishwashers is less than the energy you need to wash the dishes by hand! Regardless of which integrated dishwasher you choose to meet your needs, you can reduce running costs in the following ways: do not rinse dishes with a hot tap before loading them; make sure the machine is completely filled before use; Use electricity during the low season; as long as the dishes are not dirty, you can choose the economic cycle, the main thing is to provide cold water instead of hot water.

Warranty range

Each manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty on parts and labor. Some offer parts warranty, but usually insist that you use your own engineer – these are an additional cost compared to an independent engineer.

Half load function

Now the “half load” function is common in many dishwashers. With this function you can tell the dishwasher to wash only fewer items in the top bin. It is still more economical to wash with a full load, as the machine will still run many components regardless of the load.


Virtually all modern equipment is built for quiet operation. In general, the more expensive the machine, the quieter it works. As a general guideline, usually keep 50 dB or less of noise at an acceptable level.

Program and temperature

Every dishwasher offers regular programs. Almost all machines have a rinse only function and other special cycles that use lower temperatures. The maximum temperature is about 55 ° C (although the drying cycle of some dishwashers exceeds this temperature). The most important thing to remember is that lowering the temperature from 65 ° C to 55 ° C can reduce energy consumption by about 25%.


When considering the overall cost, it is worth remembering that while cheaper products may be cheaper, they may require more technician time and replacement parts and may not be as reliable as “better” products. Therefore, cheaper products can cost even more over time.

Timer function

If your power supply is in an “off-peak” state, consider using a dishwasher with a delay or timer function. This means that the machine has to wait until a certain time to start washing, which reduces energy consumption and the electricity bill.

Water supply method

Heating and water are both major costs, so dishwashers that use less water are preferred. Many dishwashers can be connected to a cold or hot water supply. The connection to the cold connection is better as it only needs to heat the water in the appliance during the wash cycle and the final rinse, but keep in mind that heating the water will lengthen the cycle. Conversely, when connecting to a hot water supply, the machine requires hot water for all circulating elements, even rinsing and pre-washing.

Water softener

Buyers in hard water areas will be used to lime stains on glassware and cutlery. Many current appliances have built-in water softeners that use iodized salt. More advanced products may include electronically controlled water softeners that activate when needed.


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