Buying Your Dishwasher

All dishwashers today work in a similar way and do their job well. When buying a dishwasher in the market, you should look for features to use and avoid those that are different from your situation. With this in mind, size, convenience and durability are the basic factors you want to consider.

Size change

Dishwashers come in many sizes, the smallest being the built-in sink, which can be placed in part of the double sink, uses less water than other types and can completely clean the dishwasher in about 20 minutes. When the dishwasher is not in use, the lid can also be converted into a counter top. The standard size model is 60 cm wide, and the 18-inch model is also referred to as the “flat size” dishwasher. Large families usually opt for the 30-inch model.

The “cutlery drawer” of the same size as the kitchen drawer is actually a small dishwasher. Compared to the full-size model, it consumes less energy and is suitable for use in small kitchens. It can also be used in a double drawer version where both units can operate independently.

Other differences

Inexpensive dishwashers are equipped with plastic sinks, and in more expensive models, the basin is made of stainless steel. High-priced models have self-cleaning filters, some of which are also equipped with small shredders that can handle large chunks of food, increasing the volume of the equipment. Shelves and movable racks, these racks can be placed separately from the machine.

Additional features

Cycle types and controls are examples of other functions found on expensive dishwashers, while cheaper units are automatically controlled by timers and dials for adjusting the wash program. Some models come with multiple cycle options such as heavy duty, high pressure, sterilization and crystal / porcelain. However, a typical family will find that three basic settings (lighting, normal, and pots and pans) will suit their needs. In addition, the rinse and maintenance cycle allows you to remove excess food from the dishes and wait a few days before using the equipment.

High-quality dishwashers are usually stylish and efficient: the front is comparable to a kitchen cabinet, and noise cancellation (through heavy insulation) is another special feature that you may find interesting when choosing.

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