A Coffee Machine Buying Guide

There are a diverse selection of coffee machines on the market from several manufacturers with an enormous price variation. If you’re looking for a coffee machine, consider making and drinking coffee and how much you expect to use it.

Coffee Filter Machines


Filter coffee machines operate by pouring cold water into the water tank, which heats to a boiling point and drops into the jug below the loose ground coffee. Either the jugs are made from glass and are set on a hot plate or vacuum flasks.


A coffee maker with the simple filter; the Delonghi ICM2B retails for some 19 francs. It produces a maximum of 10 cups of coffee at a time and saves you money with a permanent coffee filter to remove the need to use the unnecessary filters.


The Siemens TC911P2GB is a top coffee filter that retails for approximately 145 Francs. Making up to 8 cups at any time requires a vacuum cup for holding the coffee colder and preventing the coffee taste. It also includes a retained aroma deck that allows coffee to be poured without opening the deck entirely and avoiding loss of flavor or heat. Wonderfully designed and designed by F.A. This coffee machine is made of brushed steel by Porsche.


Espresso machines for coffee


Espresso coffee makers operate with either pump or steam, so the pressure at the bar is a significant factor, because higher pressure, the better the coffee. Pump machines produce higher quality, better taste drinks and hence are typically more expensive, but prices between different models are still fluctuating. Only the pumping machines can create a crema.


The Magimix 11259 is available at approximately 120 Francs. The Magimix uses the highly popular Nespresso capsules and advanced technology with 19 bars of pressure to ensure a high quality coffee cup at all times. It can create 20 cups of espresso and contains an aeroccino that is suitable for cappuccinos and lattes.


The Francis Francis XI has a beautiful special retro finish that is available in light blue, almond, red and black. It generates a maximum of 50 cups of expresso with 15 bar of pressure and includes a milk frothing arm for cappuccinos. This unit can either take newly ground coffee or Espresso pod coffee for maximum flexibility.


Coffee Machines Combination


Combined coffee makers will make a typical pot of coffee and cappuccinos and espressos. Normally these devices are slightly larger and costlier than a single computer.


At around 59 Franks, the Morphy Richards 47010 retails. This unit delivers a cup of coffee with fresh ground coffee in 8 minutes. You can personalize the strength of your drink manually to fit all tastes. The milk frothing arm makes cappuccinos and lattes using fresh milk from the carafe. The carafe can be washed by pressing a button and placed in the refrigerator when not in use.


A coffee bean or cup machine – the Krups XP2000 retails about 137 Franks but also includes a pod device to make coffee without mess and no hassle simple option. The cost of making this computer a cup of coffee ranges from 8p to 26p. The 15 bar pressure makes sure a quality cup of coffee can be made without any hassle in less than 1 minute. The cup warming tray is a fun little bonus, which helps to keep your coffee hot for longer.


There are a large number of coffee machines on the market so make sure you remember the features and functionality you consider to be the most significant. This helps you will your shopping time immensely.

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